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About Mobile IV Den


Founded by a paramedic with a masters in biochemistry and operated by licensed, certified medical professionals, the IV Den offers an unrivaled, research-based mobile experience. Whether treating a hangover or altitude sickness to optimizing your daily wellness and helping mitigate chronic and autoimmune conditions, our goal is to help you feel your best every day.

Vitamin and mineral use has been around for hundreds of years with anecdotal evidence. However, as science has progressed, so has the information associated with these treatment methods. This information has expanded our understanding of when to use certain vitamins and minerals.​

The IV Den is on the cutting edge of safe, evidence-based wellness via IV hydration therapy. All of our protocols are pharmacist-reviewed, MD-approved, and backed by primary literature research.

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Why Choose IV Therapy

IV hydration therapy allows for 100% bioavailability of the vitamins. When taking vitamins orally, a significant amount of the molecule is lost through the GI system, reducing the amount available to the body for use. IV hydration therapy bypasses the GI system, allowing your body to use the vitamins available easily.

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