Weight Loss


Sometimes, getting a jump start on the weight loss process is the hardest part. Other times, it’s losing those last five pounds. Either way, this package is designed to help optimize your metabolism, prevent fat from redistributing onto other areas of your body once it’s mobilized, and enhance detoxification. This IV therapy, combined with diet, exercise, and quality sleep can help elevate your goals and help you achieve a healthier weight and a more energetic lifestyle. A MIC injection, a staple at weight loss clinics, is one of the gold standard therapies to promote weight loss with its impressive ability to mobilize and eliminate fat stores.

Additionally, Taurine can give you the energy and metabolic boost to feel ready to take the next step in your journey. A boost of Biotin may also optimize your metabolism to ensure unneeded molecules aren’t sticking around where they aren’t wanted. Finally, we round it out with a dose of B-complex Vitamins and B12.

Helps with...

  • Boost Energy
  • Optimize Metabolism
  • Fat Elimination